White oak is considered one of the finest hardwood flooring options in the Scottsdale AZ area.
It has been used for hundreds of years for flooring, shelves, cabinets, paneling and more. White oak flooring could very well enhance your home’s interior decor and add value to the house; even so, it isn’t always the best option for every single home.Read on to discover more from Floor Coverings International of Scottsdale about what this type of flooring does and does not offer.

Advantages of White Oak Flooring

White oak hardwood flooring is fairly flexible and highly resistant to wear and tear, making it a good option for just about any room in the home or any type of business. In spite of its name, white oak is available in finish options ranging from white to dark brown. Its classy appearance makes it a popular home flooring option; in fact, it has been estimated that just over 15 percent of all hardwood floors are made using this type of oak.

White oak flooring is also frequently used for kitchens and paneling. This means the chances are high that white oak flooring will match well with your existing style of decor.

White oak has a very high Janka hardness rating. This means that it is harder than other types of hardwood flooring, and as such is particularly suitable for areas that get a lot of foot traffic. It is not easily dented or dinged so you don’t have to worry about refinishing the floors on a regular basis.

Furthermore, white oak trees are plentiful in the United States. In fact, is has been estimated that over half of all hardwood forests in the county are comprised of oak trees. This not only helps keep the cost of white oak relatively low, but also ensures that this wood is a fairly eco-friendly option.

Disadvantages of White Oak Flooring

Perhaps the biggest downside of investing in white oak flooring is its distinctive grain. While many people simply love the unique grain patterns, others don’t care for them. Consider the resale value of this wood carefully if you intend to sell your home at a later date.

Those who are looking for top quality hardwood flooring at a reasonable price may find that white oak flooring has a lot to offer. It matches well with many other wood furnishings and can be purchased in a number of color options. At the same time, check the grain carefully to ensure that you will be happy with your new flooring. White oak is beautiful in its own right, but it may not be right for everyone.

If you are ready to learn more about white oak or another hardwood flooring option, contact our team at Floor Coverings International of Scottsdale for a free in-home design consultation.