Before You Consider Discount Flooring, READ THIS!

In the age of extreme couponing and coupon codes, sometimes we get so wrapped up in the discount we neglect to consider the consequences of settling for less. When it comes to a major purchase like flooring material and installation, leaving your future in the hands of people who are only interested in moving product is a most dangerous game. Whether you’re looking for wood flooring, carpet, or tile, trusting a liquidation may turn your home project into a money pit with no recourse but to spend the money a second time on a quality product.

Before you consider adding that aggressively advertised discount flooring to your home, it’s best to know the possible consequences of taking the cheap and easy way out.

The Horrors of Discount Carpet

Carpet is most definitely a product where you get what you pay for, and when you pay bottom-of-the-barrel prices, you’re going to get bottom-of-the-barrel results. Low quality carpet can cause a wide variety of nightmare scenarios for any home or business owner including: incredibly fast wear and tear, shedding or unthreading of the fibers, uncomfortable rough and scratchy feel, permanent furniture scratches and indents, quick fading, and accelerated discoloration – to name a few. Not only do all of these cause quite a headache for the customer, but they also almost always result in yet another round of buying and installing new carpet to replace the defective cheap stuff. While some retailers and manufacturers do occasionally offer deals and discounts that are too good to be true, a good rule of thumb to follow is that if it seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

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Discount Tile Can Be Problem Prone

When you select tile based on price alone, there is a good chance you’ll end up with the wrong kind of tile for the wrong kind of job. Oftentimes, tile sees intense discounts because it’s not reliable, not universally applicable, and can cause problems for the consumers who choose to install it. Cheap tile can become problem tile and be prone to moisture, cracks, structural problems, fading and other esthetic problems. In fact, uneven installation, and other issues can turn your cost savings into an additional expense that you didn’t foresee. With so many factors that go into choosing the right tile for each purpose and design, shopping by price alone is never a good idea.

Discount Wood Lacks Quality

Wood floors can add an incredible look and feel to any home, but installing the wrong kind of wood, or a cheap alternative, can leave you with a mess you’ll be embarrassed to show off. Cheap woods are definitely more prone to buckling and warping, cracking, scratching, becoming overly noisy, wearing, declining in smoothness, staining, and just about any other problem you can think of. A quality wood floor is an investment that can pay years of dividends, and when you let your checkbook be the sole factor in your decision making, you may end up needing it again way sooner than you bargained for.

So, What Should You Do?

Though there are a lot of scary scenarios out there, fear not: quality discount flooring can be a reality if you know where to look.

Finding great discounted flooring is a possibility through reputable and trustworthy sources, and as one of the most trusted names in flooring, Floor Coverings International of Scottsdale, Arizona is proud to offer a huge selection of flooring options. Don’t end up regretting your decision, let us help you find what’s right for your home and for your budget by scheduling a free consultation today.