Learn The Facts About Wood Flooring

They’re cold, they’re expensive, they’re too hard to keep clean – if you’ve explored the possibility of adding beautiful hardwood floors to your home, you’ve no-doubt had these worries roll through your mind. But the truth of the matter is, once you separate fact from fiction, wood floors offer the perfect combination of style, substance, and return on investment for any home – large or small.

Upgrading your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, or general living space with a gorgeous hardwood floor will improve the value of your house and the comfort of your everyday life. And though hardwood floors are exceptionally popular with homebuyers of every generation and taste, there are certainly a large number of misconceptions floating around about how to install, care for, and live with them. In an effort to separate truth from fiction, we’ll explore five of the most common wood floor myths out there, and why, if you’re considering installing them in your home, you shouldn’t wait any longer to add this gorgeous feature to any room.

5 Busted Myths about Wood Floors

1. Hardwood floors are a trivial investment

Whether you’re planning on staying in your home for a lifetime, or looking to move onward and upward in the coming season, hardwood floors are not only a great investment for your current living esthetic, but also offer a substantial selling point and value center for the future. According to Forbes Magazine hardwood floors made the list as one of the top five things homebuyers wanted last year, and it’s not hard to see why. Many buyers see purchasing a previously carpeted home as unclean and dated, and often take issue with details like color, cut, wear and tear, and more. With hardwood floors, all potential buyers are presented with a clean, natural look that helps highlight natural light, improve space perception, and give homes an elegant style that fits perfectly in the most modern or classic dwelling.

2. All carpeted floors have useable, and restorable, hardwood floors underneath, and all I have to do is rip out the carpet and, voila! New floors!

We’ve all seen the reality and DIY shows on TV that depict a contractor coming in and surprising the happy couple by ripping up old, dank carpet to reveal perfectly restorable hardwood floors underneath – but is that really always the case?

Unfortunately, many times it is simply TV magic, and though many older houses that feature wall-to-wall carpet do have some sort of wood flooring below, it is often ruined by the years of wear, carpet staples and molding, or was never intended to be exposed in the first place. When it comes to an important and life-long investment like installing hardwood floors into your home, there is no question that letting professional, skilled craftsmen help you conceive the home of your dreams is of the utmost importance. A professionally installed floor is not only a sound investment, it also guarantees that things are done right, and saves you’re the aggravation of paying for mistakes in the long run.

3. Hardwood Floors shouldn’t be installed in a kitchen.

That’s news to us! The reality is: hardwood floors are often a great choice for a kitchen and can help bring an air of elegance and comfort to your home’s most popular room. When the right woods are selected, and they’re installed and treated properly, hardwood can stand up to the traffic and conditions of a kitchen for a lifetime. Plus, hardwood is the perfect compliment to any design plan, cabinet shape, color, and layout choice.

4. Hardwood floors are too cold!

Though a chilly house is rarely a concern in the Scottsdale area, the myth that hardwood floors promote a cold and uncomfortable house is simply not true. Wood  is actually a great insulator, and when professionally installed and treated, will provide your home with the perfect flooring surface that will outlast carpet every time. Plus, unlike fully carpeted areas that are prone to stains and wear, hardwood creates the perfect canvas for any kind of accent rug or furniture, allowing you to customize your home any way you’d like.

5. Hardwood Floors are too hard to take care of.

Nonsense! If you can take care of your kitchen counters, you most certainly can take care of quality hardwood floors. Once a hardwood floor is purchased from, and installed by professionals like Floor Coverings International, there are many easy and fast methods that anyone can employ to keep their floors looking great. Better Homes and Gardens Magazine offers the three following suggestions to keep your floors in shape.

1.              Basic Maintenance: Keep your hardwood clean with a bi-weekly dusting with a mop treated with a dusting agent, a vacuum with a floor brush attachment, or a disposable electrostatic cloth mop like a Swiffer. By staying on top of keeping things like pet hair, dust, dirt, and grime from becoming a serious issue, you’ll keep your floors looking brand new and scratch-free.

2.              Spring/Winter Deep Cleaning: Necessary about once or twice a year, a deeper cleaning with a diluted wood-cleaning product will prevent any kind of lasting damage from dirt, oil, or grime. Make sure to wipe up excess liquid (as standing water on wood can cause damage) and turn on a ceiling, floor, or air conditioning fan to speed up drying.

3.              Remove Pesky Marks: No matter how diligent your cleaning and maintenance schedule is, chances are something, or someone, will eventually mark up your wood floor. Not to worry, there are plenty of methods for restoring your floor back to good. Consult with your Floor Coverings International representative to know what products and methods will work best for the floor and finish you’ve chosen.

Final Thought

Professionally installed wood floors will add value and style to your home that will last a lifetime. If you’re looking for the perfect way to upgrade your living space, let the professionals at Floor Coverings International give your house the awesome esthetic and style that you’ve been looking for. Why wait any longer? Get started on making your home the comfortable showplace you’ve always wanted it to be.